What Is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a Web server in the form of online computer in which we store our website data and contain hard disk, RAM, web address, images, processor and other configuration. As we have physical machine called PC to locate our data just like same, we have online servers to locate our website. When Users enter URL to open our website, web server active and create operation according to the task asked to perform and it sends data/information in user’s Screen

There are mainly four types of servers. We can understand web hosting servers by following examples

  1. Dedicated> A house you take on rent
  2. VPS (virtual private server) > rent on flour wise
  3. Shared> rooms on rent
  4. Cloud> if you take only plot, you have to construct structure by your own

Dedicated, VPS, shared> you got only one server/system, if this will crash, website close

Cloud> network of server> if one server down, your file will access through other server, if 2nd down, access from 3rd and so on

Shared hosting is for beginners, if no heavy traffic and no security concerns

Cloud is for advanced level

If you still don’t understand, Lets have some more Examples

Shared> a group of 5 friends share flat in a building

Multiple websites manage from one server

It is cheap, slow speed of site because of overall traffic on server

Hacking/ cyber-attack can effect your website

VPS> if one person live alone, you decided which one should be drawing room and which one should be bed room

You got private space

Better speed and security

Dedicated> whole building you buy

One owner of one server, heavy traffic, higher number of pages

Site is safe and secure

You have to manage server, and can customize according to you

Expensive as compared to shared and VPS

More Examples

Where shop located is hosting and shop is website

Server is virtual computer on internet, so we need hard disk, RAM, processor, and other configuration on this computer to store our data in the form of website

In this computer we need an operating system, windows or linux. Linux is free open source operating system which is free

Dedicated means> whole CPU is yours

VPS>we divide dedicated system configuration in two different parts for example we divided virtual machine carrying 16 GB hard disk into four parts and allocate 4,4 GB for each, if 4GB Ram, 1,1 GB for each, speed is divided for each

Shared> we further divided VPS into more parts

Let’s Talk about RAM (Memory) and Hard Disk. You can get two types of RAM and Hard Disk

DDR1RAM is slower

DDR4RAM is faster

HDD Hard disk is slower (upto 80 MBPS)

SDD is faster (upto 1500 MBPS)

If you need more than 1500 MBPS, you have to take multiple hard disk

So you need to use cloud hosting

We have multiple servers, files download from these servers little by little, load share and website perform fast

Take cloud hosting which is above dedicated, don’t use shared cloud hosting

SSD hard disk should along with input output operation

Input output operations help for multiples files to copy either in KB, 1 GB big file is one file can copy easily

Big hosting companies give you backup, and money back guarantee

We can create server in our home but we need heavy resources, continuous internet and electricity. if any of these down, website will be crash, and we also need a lot of cooling

Windows server or linux server

If your website is created in .net/asp you have to take windows server, but its costly, we need to take license for each server, hosting server provide it

Linux server is open source and free

PHP, word press will not run in windows

Shared> if 100-1000 visitors at a time>speed will be down if large no of visitors in other website of same server you shared, this is managed by company they provide better server speed at particular time to benefit them

VPS> if no of visitors is more than thousand

Dedicated> if your visitors are lakhs or millions you need to take multiple dedicated servers

You can take free hosting for test, but if server down, hosting close and data will be crash

UI (user interface) how website look in appearance

UX (user experience)> if visitor get some value

When you buy a hosting, you get Cpanel, you can create wordPress website

Go to

Cpanel >scroll down> wordpress> install now

Make directory>start working

Cloud Hosting

Shared, VPS, dedicated is physical server> physical data center

While cloud hosting is virtual based multiple servers connected (virtual machines)> virtual data center

If one server is failed, your website will not close, data and files load/access from other servers, your website will not down

Traffic load balancing, speed not effect if traffic is too high, maintains itself automatically

Scalability > configuration is not fixed or limited, you can upgrade according to your need and pay amount accordingly

Security> physical server not exist, no fear of getting out of order or closed/break, multiple server or virtual environment that’s why it’s secure

Ecommerce website, news publishing website mostly use it, search engines and social media sites also used it, blogs articles websites are used it

Famous Hosting Companies

Name cheap, GoDaddy, Hostinger

You can buy a domain alongwith hosting

Domain is a name of website like facebook, twitter, youtube, amazon etc.

Domain can be consist of .com, .pk, org. etc, price/cost may vary according to it

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