How To Run Facebook Ads

Facebook ads Ecosystem:

Facebook Profile (individual), Facebook Page, Facebook Group, Facebook Ads account, Facebook Business Manager

You get personal Facebook Ads Account along with Facebook profile

But you have to use Business Manager and use ads accounts inside it

  1. Facebook Ads account OR Facebook Ads manager
  2. Search> Facebook business manager


Don’t use Boost Post, Promote Always run Ads as a professional way i.e. Business manager

Boost Post is an easy interface and can get better results but we don’t have controls

We can create multiple ad accounts in Business manager

We can manage multiple pages in Business manager

You have to run ad through Ads account in Business Manager

You want to run ads in Business manager it means you have to run ads in ads account which is a part or Business Manager

Another Business Manager can also be added in Business manager

If you don’t allow to create another Business manager inside Business manager, Contact to Facebook Support

You can give access to your workers of one business manager

You can add more pages and ads accounts to your business manager

You can add payment method in ads account or business manager

Create a business manager account

Name a Demo account

Go to settings through logo> follow blue mark

You get Meta Business suite

Now go to business settings

You can get this interface

You can add pages or create pages

Now go to ad account and create an ad account

You can skip payment method

Now you get this and go to open in ads manager

This is the Play ground

Now talk to Meta business suite

Again go settings

Go to Business Assets> Ad accounts> Click on Demo> three Dots> open in ads manager

Now go to pages> create new page

Payment Methods

Personal Ad Accounts:

Credit card

Debit card

FB Ad coupon


Net Banking


Business Ad Account:

Credit card & Debit card

Go to business settings and select payment method

Add payment method


Go to add accounts> open in ads manager

Now go to billing

Payment settings

Add payment methods

Go to business and tax info



            Brand Awareness





            App Installs

            Video views

            Lead Generation


Conversions (physical product Sales/ Service Sale/ Brand promote/leads)


            Catalogue Sales

            Store Traffic

Select objective

We have to get Reaches if we want to conversions

We have to select objectives when run campaign

Brand awareness is we show ads to customer again and again and built brand awareness by showing it multiple times, then we have to find frequency means how many times we show ads to each customer

On an average one person show ad 3 to four times it means frequency is 3 or 4

Reach means we want to show our ad maximum people, frequency should be 1 or 1.5

Traffic> call to action button> if you want to redirect user from Facebook to website landing page, Whatsapp, app, messenger

Engagement> user interaction> like, share and comments

App Install campaigns

Video views> you can specify, but whenever you specify results are expensive, means if you want to show that user who can see video 15 min lengthy, but results relevant

Leads Generation (signup, form fill, actually not possible to conversion through payment like land purchasing, so you make them to fill the form or contact or some details to engage


Conversion Campaigns> contact, purchase, add to cart

Catalogue sales> ecommerce

Store Traffic Ads> redirect link to map and give address

Facebook Ads Auction

For better targeting for which advertiser want to reach target audience

Facebook need accurate data, in this way it follow user’s activity

Suppose a user interest in sports, digital marketing

And three advertisers one is sports, second is digital marketing, third is both

User show ads of which advertiser and why and what are the numberings to show which ad show first

  1. Bid (budget)
  2. Estimated action rate (if user don’t interact with ad during run ad means user clicks)
  3. Ad quality

Means whose ad meet Facebook algorithm will show ad

Facebook Account Hierarchy

Campaign Structure

Campaign level settings

Ad set level Or Ad group level settings> Facebook ad set or ad group

Ad group term is used for Google ads

Business Manager>Ad Accounts> Campaigns

Now create campaign> select objective i.e. traffic

Ad set settings

Campaign > Traffic

Adset1 > Audience targeting = Male

Adset2 > Audience targeting = Female

Ad set Structure

Create all ad set in beginning when you create a campaign because it takes time to setup if you create one and later rest of it after sometimes

Facebook Ads Policies

Ad image and landing page relevancy

Ad account suspend by bots for some reason, you can contact to support to active your ad account

Facebook Blueprint certification which is paid

You also get review option if ad account rejected

Landing Page Concept

Redirect user to landing page not website, otherwise user confuse, landing page should be according to ad

Landing pages> 1.coding, 2.dedicated page builder tools, 3.Word press elementor

Types of Landing Pages

  1. Lead generation landing pages
  2. Sales (for ecommerce)

You must see multiple landing pages, how can we create them, and what are the elements

Buyer’s Persona

Target audience characteristics and attributes, audience research

Already customer attributes

Different age groups, gender, interest etc.

Competitors page analysis, visit their audience’s profile

Basic Terminologies

FB business Manager & Facebook Ads Manager

Reach and impressions

Impressions / Click & CTR


Relevancy Score> between Ad and audience

Placements> News feed, instagram, instagram feed, stories

Audience network

Pixel, Targeting, Retargeting

Bidding Strategies


            Lowest cost bidding strategies (by default)

You may get results


If you control cost


Lowest Cost

Cost Cap

Target Cap

Bid Cap

Minimum ROAS

Create Campaign> lead generation> you have to enable advantage campaign budget

You can change to lowest cost bidding to Bid cap

Ad Scheduling

If you want to time scheduling you have to change from daily budget to life time budget

Enable scheduling

Now go to ad set

Go to Facebook Page and go to insights then open post insights

You get > when your fans are online, so you can time scheduling according to it

Now go to campaigns and and select time of the day for segmentation

You can set time zone according to Pakistan to run ad


Cold, Warm, Hot

Saved or open Audience

            Targeting through interest, demography, behavior

            Results may not received

            Also called Cold Audience

            Not get performance in terms of conversions

            We use it as a filter

Custom Audience

            Saved audience help to make custom audience

            Suppose these audience visit my home page of website, like my FB page, add to cart

            These are specific audience create with the help of saved audience

            More chances of Conversions through Remarketing

            They see product> add to cart, add payment method> Transaction

            More work on custom audience to make conversion but also run ad for cold audience

            Also called Warm audience

Look alike Audience

            Create audience of custom audience to lookalike audience

            Whatever activity done by custom audience, Facebook create its look alike audience

            Capture their interest, attributes etc.

Performance may not good

Size gradually changes


Automatic or manual

Go to campaigns > breakdown> by delivery> placements

Asset Customization

Now go to add media

First you have to select page from ad set

Now you can edit media> upload media > which place you want> which type of view you select

Like Facebook feed, insta feed, Reels, stories, messenger etc.

You can edit

Placement Exclusion

Exclude placements

Explore brand safety controls

You can create a blocklist

You can download publisher list

How we are going to pay in Facebook ads?

When you get charged? Impressions or link click (CPC)

When your ad account is new, CPC is disabled

No difference in charge when you select one of both of them, actually it effects on Targeting

Actually, you pay through impression in both conditions

Ad Creatives

How your ads looks in different ways

Location Targeting

Recently living or traveling for who want Hotel Rent

Audience Targeting

We interact with cold audience then convert them to custom audience

Detailed Targeting

Facebook expand audience to create as same as cold audience by decreasing size

Divide budgeting to both, some budget for narrow audience, large amount for saved audience

Potential audience will create with same characteristics

Narrow Audience

The more you specific the more you accurate, and the size is narrow. You can narrow further

Audience Insights Tool

It doesn’t provide more audience but give you hints

Go to campaign create page > three lines on corner> scroll down> insights> audience

See which location audience you have larger, so you can target them People on Facebook and Instagram in Pakistan

You can filter

How to find Hidden Facebook Audience

We use paid tool

If we target audience through Facebook ad set, we provide very limited options in interest

But it provides options which is present/available in Facebook Ads but hidden

More about Audience targeting

Facebook release Updates to detailed targeting

To avoid deceive Facebook, Facebook make it strict itself

Connection Targeting

Go to connections option in ad set

It helps to create look alike audience

Find More Interest based Audience

Find Hidden Interest Based Audience without paid Tool

Get started> Register

Select any option

Copy Token

Now open[Golf]&limit=10000&locale=en_US&access_token=your-access-token

Golf –G Should be capital

Remove- your-access-token

Paste token > enter

You get data

Facebook Cold Audience

Should be 5 to 10 lakh

CTR should be 2-3%

Ad Fatigue>It should not one user show my ad 3-4 times, instead he is not responding

How to Write Perfect Facebook Ad Copy

Try to use pain points of your ideal customer> are your advertising techniques not working?

AIDA frame work model

Awareness, interest, Desire, Action

Attention grabbing elements

Are you worried about your campaign performance?

Interest part>

I have a good news for you

I invite you to my free workshop

Book free workshop now

Real estate

Primary text

Stylish 4 Marla luxury bungalow in established area


Sea face bungalow located in Karachi Sea view


Furnished bungalow having ✅swimming pool, ✅garage, ✅garden etc.

Primary text

Hello Digital marketers!

Are you struggling with Facebook ads?

Are you sick of the constant disapproval of your ads?

Don’t know the methods of scaling of campaigns?

Authority element>

After working on more than 100 projects and training 5k+ students through both online and offline medium in the last 5 years

I discovered the hacks of dominate Facebook ads

Now I want to train you and provide all the experience that help you in overcoming all the issues regarding Facebook ads

Stop searching on Google because these techniques won’t get there

I want to invite you the most advanced Facebook ads course


Get 80% off

Limited time offer


Learn FB ads @1999/- only

You can use emoji

Facebook Pixel & How it works?

JavaScript code fire to our website in every page

  1. Standard/ base pixel
  2. Event based pixel > 17 even based pixels

Paste in head section link to Google tag manager or plugins

Code that lets you measure, optimize and build audience for your advertising campaign

Audience came from Quora, Insta, Facebook, FB ads, Articles, YouTube to my website

Suppose there are 120 people and 2 to 3 are convert but rest of it don’t give conversions

Facebook pixel establish a bridge between fb ads and website and provide info of our website visitors through Facebook pixels

If their info give us through face book pixel in ads account, we show them ads> Remarketing

Facebook pixel track many things

Event=submit form, video play

Conversion may be of website form fill, add to cart in ecommerce website

You can create different type of audience

Facebook pixel help us to create warm/custom audience

Facebook pixel one side create custom, saved, lookalike audience but also track website audience come from other platform because we link website to our Facebook ad accounts

Facebook pixels identify that visitors of our website, it tracks them and make as audience in Facebook ads according to their activities

IOS 14 update weakened strength of making audience through pixels but we have solutions

Installing Facebook Pixel on Website

Connect website with Google tag manager, GTM is work on all technologies i.e. word press, coding website, Woo commerce etc.

After create account, you get two codes, you have to paste in head and body section

Go to wordpress> appearance>theme editor>themes.header>header.php

Paste in head section

Paste second code to body section> save

To confirm either it works?

Install Google tag assistant chrome extension

Also note down its unique code of GTM and verify it to go on GTM

Now apply Facebook pixel in GTM

Ads manager

On beginning your pixels not integrate

Events manager> add events> from the website> install code manually

Copy code

Now go to tag manager> tags> new (Facebook pixel)>search html>custom html> paste

Trigger> all the pages> paste in all pages> saved>submit> publish>continue

To confirm it apply or not

Go to website

Facebook pixel helper chrome extension

Also note its ID and confirm on both platforms i.e. on pixel code > ID

Go back to Events manager> data will be shown about visitors

Facebook Event Create

Remarketing through events

Ad accounts> events manager> add events> from the pixels> open events setup tool

Go to website and mention what event you want to create

For example you are creating buttons as an event, visitor press that buttons and it tracks this activity

Events and Custom conversion

Events manager> Customs conversions

You can give your web page URL to create custom conversion

They are also used to setup tracking just like events

But difference is no code required in custom conversion

EventsCustom Conversions
Code requiredNo code required
Customized with parametersCustomized with URLs
More flexibilityLimited Flexibility
Custom audience can be createdCustom audience cannot be created

Events manager> add events> from pixels> install events using code

You can fire according to situation when create different events

Go to ads manager> audiences> create audience> custom audience> website> next

You see there is no custom conversion option, you see only events option

We make events as custom conversions but not make custom conversion to event

Setup custom Conversion

Define custom conversion according to you

Same audience who fulfill custom conversion, Facebook will show ads to them

We can’t make standard event on the basis of 2 URLs visit

Events manager> custom conversions

You can suggest 2 different URLs

Ads manager> create campaign

But we don’t have broader scope and less control on custom conversions as compared to create event pixels

Custom Audience

Your sources or Facebook sources

>Create custom audience through our website, applications

>Facebook page, Instagram, events

 >On the basis of contact numbers, names, Email Ids

Ads manager> audiences> custom audience

Custom Audiences on the basis of videos

You can explore video category

On the basis of video view percentage uploaded on your page

Custom Audiences on the basis of Instagram

On the basis of events

Seminars, webinars, workshop

On the basis of time

Create audience> website

What is percentile? In webpage

Percentage of Maximum time spent on web site

On the basis of visitors

Website based> atleast 2 times visit> mobile user

Remember website based custom audience need website pixels

Problem of audience overlapping

Avoid overlapping

Avoid ad fatigue

Common people in both ad accounts who don’t interact, waste our budget, Facebook signals that campaigns fail

You can see show audience overlap option in create audience data overview by selecting two types of audience

What are offline events in Facebook Ads?

We run ad for consultancy and set a call to action in the form of phone call

We receive 10 calls and one of them have converted

We use excel sheet to gather data for offline events

Then upload in Facebook system

Business Settings> Data source> Offline events sets


Pixels> events manager> connect data source

OR you can create offline events through Offline events set

Name (lead)> create

Now you can go through

Pixels> events manager

Read Formatting

Details should be according to the Format

Now go to Ads manager> select campaign

Reduce the Page like cost in page

Increase page likes> Paid likes

Gaining page likes through paid campaigns

But you don’t achieve much results but only numbers, you gain likes from Africa, Somalia, Greece etc. which will not give you benefit

Organic reach is less in Facebook

It’s difficult to reach your post to your audience or even likers, but some people want increase likes number

If your cold audience is not relevant, warm or lookalike audience too not relevant, source audience should be good

Marketers want brand awareness

If you create page like campaign, ad copy should not be too long and detailed

Now create campaign as engagement> create as a page like campaign

Lead Generation Campaign

High ticket value campaigns

Quality of leads matter

One marketer create 100 leads per Rs.3 = 300

Second create 10 leads per Rs.25 = 250 but quality leads and profitable

Many people fill your form but don’t give response to your call

We can run real estate lead gen camp, they fill form containing email, contact number etc. our team will contact them

Generate lead magnet

Lead generation campaign for those large business in which our team will approach by contacting, in which target people can’t pay large amount at once, we have to provide details and link some connectivity

LGC can run for University, school, consultancy, immigration, charity etc. Call to action> sign up/ book now/ get offer

Are you sure you want to submit

Prefill Questions means automatic user detail fill according to Facebook profile

Also give your privacy policy

Go to your page> publishing tools> lead ad form>form library

 You get an interface how many leads capture and you can download

Now again go to your page> you can see lead center

How to generate leads on Whatsapp

Whatsapp business app

Now go to ad set

Provide your number, it will send confirmation code

Headlines> by default> chat with us

Whatsapp message template

How to create Call-only Ads

Lead gen objective

Choose lifetime budget if you want schedule a time of call

Single images perform better in calls campaign

Now give your number

Instant Experience ads

We don’t redirect on website landing page

Mini quick landing page shows on that place where ad is clicked

There is no need to go out of Facebook interface

Not very much components

Ads manager > audiences> create audience> custom audience

Now create a traffic campaign


Go to page> publishing tools> instant experience

Explore it

Now we have to see matrix

How to verify Domain in Facebook

It happens after IOS 14 update that you have to verify your domain

It help for our ad accounts and website pixel to proper work to fetch data and verify that both are connected

If you want to use Pixel, you have to verify otherwise you are notified again and again

One of the reason that someone point out your website to link ad account and pixel

Business settings> brand safety> domains

You have to add a Meta tag to your HTML source code

You can upload a HTML file to your root directory (it provide you a HTML file) > download> upload in Cpanel

Copy meta tag , paste in head section of source code

 Wordpress> appearance> theme editor> Theme header>header.php>paste in head section> save

Now again go to domains> verify domain

Within 72 hours to verify

Create image creative

Facebook push some special image

No condition how many percentage of image and text but avoid much more texting written in images, try to use only that text which Facebook optioned i.e. primary text, headlines, description

It’s difficult for Facebook bot/ algorithm to understand text written inside image, it effects on reaches and ad approvals

Change history feature

Who has made changes in my Facebook ads campaign? May be one of your colleague

 We have change history option as Google ads

 This option show on the right corner of ads manager

Scaling of Facebook ads campaign

Scaling means expand your business

Increasing your campaign budget while maintaining a positive return

We have to increase leads from 100 to 500

1000/day = 100 lead = Rs.10

5000/day = 500 lead = Rs.10

But if

5000/day = 400leads = Rs.12.5

This means scaling is not good

Multiply budget is not scaling, results may not multiply

We have to expand audience and location

Using budget is vertical scaling

Using audience and location is horizontal scaling

Frequency is <2 it means it’s not ad fatigue condition, means ad is not showing to user again and again so we can increase budget….we go to vertical scaling

But if frequency 2-4 it means ad showing 2 to 4 times on an average, we don’t need to increase budget, no need to show more ads to same audience. We go to expand audience or location

Frequency is >4 it means conversion impossible, suppose if we get conversion, cost reaches too high and conversion is very low. We go to expand audience or location

If need to increase budget, you have to increase slowly 10 to 15 %

Don’t increase 1000 to 2000

Use this plan 1000 to 1350

How to create store traffic ads

Customer must visit physically in store

We can link a map in ad with phone number, if multiple branches we can show separate ad around radius

Go to ads manager

It may ask for permission to access, you need to do some changes and settings

Now create store traffic from ads manager

Create a store set

Add stores which you create

This type of add for braches/ franchises expand all over the region/ city

Facebook Ads Domination Strategy

Facebook ad strategy for particular niche in specific city targeting all over audience in city, for example sports interested audience

Discussing higher and flexible budget

But in wider area you have to change campaigns according to the situation

Creating ecommerce events

We want to capture these through Facebook pixel

View content> product page view

Add to cart

Check out

Payment – order complete

Now go to wordpress

Plugins> install plugin> pixel your site

Your Facebook pixel> click for settings

Paste (Facebook pixel ID) from ad account> save

Woo commerce> enable all option

Now go to product age> open Facebook pixel helper extension

Event will fire but a problem facing

You have to create product catalog in Facebook

But this time we need only an event fire which is track by Facebook pixel

Facebook Ecommerce Events setup

How to setup in custom coded website

Open Google tag manager

New> Facebook pixel – Base> custom HTML

Now go to event manager> pixel testing> add events> from a new website> install code manually> copy code

Paste on custom HTML? Fire in all pages

GTM> submit> version name> FB Base pixel> publish

Now go to website> open Facebook pixel helper

Now check your events fire or not

copy purchase java script code from link


fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {value: 0.00, currency: ‘USD’});


Go to GTM> submit> FB – event – initiate checkout> custom HTML> paste this code> triggering>

Don’t fire in all pages> New + > initiate checkout page > page view> some page view> page URL> contains> /checkout/ > save

Now go to tags in GTM, you see event which is created

Do add to cart or check out from website

Open to see tag fire or not

Now see in GTM

 But first base pixel fire then it will be fire

Click your initiate pixel> advance settings> tag sequencing

Check (tick) on fire a tag before FB – event – initiate check out

Now preview

But it’s not complete event setup yet

Values associated with this event are not show like product, price, size, attributes etc.

You have to setup enhance e commerce, which is different for different ecommerce website, if site is created on WordPress we use plugin

If we want dedicate ecommerce base setup, our info not complete

Second method of setup Facebook pixel through Facebook pixel template

Tag manager> New> Tag name (FB pixel Base)> tag configuration> choose tag type> community template gallery> search (Facebook pixel)> add Facebook archive

Again go to new > you see Facebook pixel on scrolling down side bar> select> name (FB base pixel)> you see blank Facebook pixel ID>

Event manage> copy pixel ID> paste in GTM blank Facebook pixel ID> standard page view> fire in all pages

Base pixel is setup in all pages

Note: We don’t have complete pixel code, don’t need any custom HTML tag

It’s a template carrying these elements

How to setup initiate checkout event through template

New> FB – initiate checkout-event

We have to Copy Facebook pixel ID, so In this way we create a variable for ID so we don’t need to copy gain and again

Click on plus sign just place on Facebook pixel id (after copy)> again select plus> name (Facebook pixel ID

Select created Facebook ID from bar> now paste ID> save

Don’t need to copy tag from Facebook help link which is mentioned above

Standard> initiate check out> skip all pages> select initiate check out>save

This is just info about check out, we still have no information setup to complete info about product

If we want to fetch data of ecommerce website in Google tag assistant

WordPress> plugin> add new>GTM for wordpress>install>activate

Go to plugins section>select plugin>settings>integration>woo commerce> track enhance e commerce> (check in)> save changes

Enhance for coding Website

Use selected code for events and paste on particular page

You need to edit info in code for example brand, price, category etc.

After setup enhance website, fire events for ecommerce website you created, then Go to Google assistant> data layer

Same method we adopted for setup Google analytics

Setup Facebook Purchase Events


fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {value: 0.00, currency: ‘USD’});

GTM>variable>configure> user defines avariable>new> Dlv-Revenue> data layer


‘ecommerce’: {
    ‘purchase’: {
      ‘actionField’: {
        ‘id’: ‘T12345’

        ‘affiliation’: ‘Online Store’,
        ‘revenue’: ‘35.43’





fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {value: 0.00, currency: ‘Rs’});


GTM>tags>New>FB-event purchase> tag configuration>custom HTML


fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {value: 0.00, currency: ‘Rs’});

fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {value: {{, currency: ‘Rs’});

event show by double curly braces, select data layer value (dlv-revenue)

fbq(‘track’, ‘Purchase’, {value: Dlv-Revenue, currency: ‘Rs’});

triggering> plus> custom event purchase

select custom event from bar> event name (purchase)> all custom events> save


Now test purchase from website

Tag assistant>purchase event>you see purchase event fire

Open pixel helper and check also fire or not

Now go to Events manager> pixel settings> its track events

Facebook Ads spying and Research

Using Ads spying tools to see competitor ads >Facebook ads library> search

Pakistan> all ads> sports

>Paid ad spy tools

Bigspy> paid but limited access with free

Using Facebook strategy

You can also save ad copy

Catalogue in Facebook Ads

Ads manager> open three lines

Create and upload Product feed in catalogue

These are mandatory for product feed

Uploading feed through Google sheets or CSV URL

WordPress> plugin> CTX feed or product feed pro> click on CTX feed> new feed>select country>template: Facebook catalogue> file name> file type CSV

Select product category> update and generate feed

You see feed URL, you can use it in your catalogue

Go to commerce manager

You can URL which is created in above

If you want to use Google sheet

Download file which you created in the form of URL

Use Google sheet in catalogue

Your products will show in catalogue>items

Concept of Product set in FB catalogue

We can use filter on the basis of parameters like price, color, size etc. for target audience by create product set

Showing particular products for particular audience on the basis of sorting like gender

Catalogue sales campaigns effectively

We have to connect catalogue and pixel

Go to commerce manager

Product set> all set or if you create product set in catalogue

How to customize catalogue ads

If you uncheck this you can explore more options in ad creative

Automated rules in Facebook ads

Creatives become old, frequency will be increase, you ad will show again and again and conversions will stop

So if creative frequency will increase (ad fatigue happens), we automate (pause) our ad post after a particular time (if frequency reach 3)

But you have to set condition for example, CTR is less than 5% and cost per conversion is greater than 100

Audience overlapping (same audience in different ad groups) create ad fatigue condition can stopped by automated rules

Go to ads manager

We also set automated rule for positive results

For example, increase the daily budget by 15% if the conversion is more than 10


Audience overlapping

Why Facebook Campaigns Fails

Your focus on ads running but not on your product and demand

Product presentation is very bad

No settings before run campaigns and just fire

For example, pixels, event fire setup for ecommerce sites to confirm either its working or not

You have to determine conversion time, otherwise you frequently changes into your campaigns which is not good Remarketing cold audience means you already show them your ad about products and basic info, why you are showing same ad, it will be ad fatigue

What is Fbclid in Facebook?

Facebook click identifier

When you open ad for website for facebook and visit its landing page, you notice URL containing fbclid

Facebook uses fbclid for tracking information in its system regarding redirecting Facebook feed to landing page, parameter for data collection

In Google analytics, it creates difficulty because URL becomes too long, our report can be complicated

How can avoid it?

Go to analytics, view>admin> view settings>exclude URL query parameters

It will remove fbclid parameter from your report

Messages/messenger campaign in Facebook

  1. Click to message
  2. Sponsored message> when they use messenger, they see your ad during browsing, this is retargeting because they already interacted with your messenger

Messenger option also showed at traffic campaign in ad set If we select click to message

We don’t receive good response to use audience network, our money waste, but you can choose if your cost not very much high

You can start a conversation if user click on messenger ad, you ask him some questions

In advanced setup, control will setup through bot, it needs some code

If we select sponsored message, many options disabled

This ad will only show to that audience who already interact with messenger

Button will suitable for Customer action, you can permit them to visit website, replies and conversation is not suitable because already have done conversation with you

How to run Conversion campaign

We have already discuss custom conversion and event setup through pixel

Every business have different meaning of conversion

Ecommerce website conversion is purchase

We have to make understand Facebook about conversion

In this way we have already made some conversions before run campaign

So that Facebook system can better understand about conversion audience and work for more audience

For ecommerce

View content>1000

Add to cart>500



We can provide data for checkout, because they are common people who have potential to convert and more data as compared to conversion

UTM parameters in Facebook ads

UTM parameters, UTM tags or UTM codes

Ads related softwares, when you open the link

You see URL containing fbclid and UTM

UTM parameters gives us more specific information about page visit and source

We have to attach URLs to our campaign

If we talk about Google analytics, we get data and source about page visit and source where it is coming like Facebook, website, blog, referrals (backlinks) etc.

Analytic also gather data about Facebook ads with the help of this URLs

You can create more audience who visit through this ad, analytics track them

UTM parameters is tags we attach with URL. These UTM parameters send information to analytics, we send analytics some more particular data

Create a traffic campaign for website

Make sure you have selection conversion as website location

After fill these details you see preview URL with parameters

When you hit URL, data gather at analyticsAnalytics> real-time>traffic sourcesFbclid parameters created by Facebook and UTM created by us

We can also create audience with the help of this dataAnalytics> settings> audience definitions>audience>new audience> create new audience> traffic source=story>apply

How to setup CBO in Facebook ads

Campaign budget optimization

Budget=2000, ads = 10

Distribution = 200 per ad, it is not like that, better performing ad takes more budgeting

Ad1>budget Rs1000 for narrow audience> remaining Rs.400 at the end of the day

Ad2>budget Rs2000> exhaust at 5pm

Proper optimization in ad1

Bad optimization in ad2

We use CBO in campaign and put budget Rs.3000, Facebook itself identify adset performance and allocation more budget to adset1 or 2

For example

Adset1>1500 adset2>1500


Adset1>2500 and adset2>500

Do not use CBO if small budget with small audience

CBO takes time to adjust if you keep creating new adsets

Pausing/ unpausing adsets from these can disturb CBO

Adset with higher audience will get more budget in CBO

Use CBO for higher budgeting, otherwise use ABO

CBO is built for scaling (means combine all adset with CBO)

Lower budget does not perform well

Avoid CBO with testing campaigns, means in which you have better performance before, don’t try with new campaigns

Why not to boost post?

Ratio of performance is too small

Couple of years ago>Limited options with limited control, no better way of audience targeting, only basic options

But some improvements have made in now days

We have also setup pixel, but it must setup on ads manager and add to website

We can’t optimize ecommerce based events like view content, add to cart, initiate checkout

We can’t testing different options like creatives, call to action etc.

If someone want reaches, it’s good for those but they will not achieve much more

Ads manager is for professionals and complicated, so this is the reason Facebook want unprofessional to use this instead they thought it is complicated

But if someone says I have get results, it’s possible because of some reasons

How to remove Facebook pixel from ads account

It’s not possible to completely/permanently remove

But your ad account is created on business manager so you can isolate/detach pixel but pixel will still show on your business manager, you can’t delete unused pixel but you can change its access

Business settings> data sources> select pixel> you can detach pixel from ad account, it will show here but will not show on ad account

Go to ad accounts from business settings> open in events manager>events manager> pixel will not show

How to select winning creative

Creative reaches minimum 4k-5k impressions (test for 3-4 days)

ROAS is an important factor to consider

CTR should be greater 1%

CPC (cost per click) can be consider

If we achieve conversions, we takes it as winning creative

CPM can be considered in some cases like brand awareness

Which audience to create after IOS14 update

Pixel base audience is not powerful after IOS14

But Facebook work on it to tackle issue about impact of IOS 14

What to do if Pixel based audience is not accurate after IOS14 update

  1. You can create custom audience through Lead Form Audience
  2. Video view custom audience/engagement custom audience

Instant experience based, cold audience

What to do after IOS 14 update

It mostly effects Ecommerce website

We must do these things to safe from impact of IOS14

Domain verification

Business settings>brand safety>domains>add domain

What to do after IOS 14 update

It mostly effects Ecommerce website

We must do these things to safe from impact of IOS14

Domain verification

Business settings>brand safety>domains>add domain

It provides you a Meta tag code, you have to paste it in head section in your website

Then click verify domain

Second step you to have upload a html file> download file and upload it to root directory

Aggregated events setup:

Business settings>Events manager>overview> aggregated event measurement>manage events

Set events as priority wise such as purchase on the top if ecommerce website>apply

Setup A/B testing/split testing in Facebook ads

  1. Experiments
  2. When you create new campaign, it will ask you in campaign level settings if you need A/B testing

So we can create a duplicate campaign and test

Carpet bombing strategy

For local business like coaching center which is operate in defined specific geographical area

If your product/service has overlapping audiences (multiple kind of people may interest in your product), and we cannot target specific audience, you should have higher budget in local business

Campaign from one account to another

How to copy campaign from an ad account to another


Learning limited status in FB ads issue

Facebook need data in system to perform well, otherwise its remain on learning phase, we have to stay out of learning phase into active phase

Detailed targeting in dead

Facebook removed Certain Ad Targeting Options and Expanding Ad Controls

Alternative targeting products to reach your audiences

Publisher list

Where our ads appear in Facebook

Now click on delivery reports to see where your ads appeared

Select place

You see list where your ads appeared for example in which video and no of impressions

Facebook ads reporting

Include analysis and improvement in report, which is help for you and your team

Share report with client according to need and only mention some basic information, don’t make complicated, just mention KPIs and target meet, analysis work only for you and your team or agency, try to use graphs, chart for client

Go to ads manager

FB blueprints certification

Course and learning is free

Paid certification, you have to give exam

If you select digital marketing associate

Certification is not essential if you are already professional run ads as expert

It’s for fresher’s who want to enter in digital marketing, interviewer will see his seriousness that’s why he achieve certificate

Proper webcam and internet, monitor your room, invigilator look at you, your profile should be real with your picture

You can select test at Centre in some exams

Learning material also available in free if you scroll down

Create instagram ads story poll ads

Ads as poll

Traffic campaign> adset> manual placement> only check intagram>

Only check instagram stories, uncheck others

Now go to next step

To see poll results

Select view charts

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