Improve your search engine ranking through Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We have multiple Search Engines:




Bai du belongs to China

Yandex belongs to Russia

Duckduckgo (for security purpose)

SEO Techniques:

  1. White hat SEO technique (Ethical and Organic)
  2. Black Hat SEO techniques (Unethical and Non-Organic, website might be blacklist)

Black Hat SEO:

Keyword stuffing (don’t repeat keyword)

Duplicate content (copy Content)


Hidden Text/links (white text in white page written for crawler and hide from user)

Link spamming

Link farming

Gray hat SEO (95% white Hat and 5% Black Hat)

In this course, we only talk about Google search Engine which is most used in internet

There are three stages when user search anything

Google Crawler/Spider


Search Engine Result page (SERP)

Types of SEO:

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

On-page SEO:

Those techniques in which all operations perform on your website/pages/content/images/headings/URL

Off-page SEO:

Work on other website through creating backlinks, increase Domain Authority, social media links

Technical SEO: (On page Type)

Must have knowledge about web development, better crawling, and better indexing

Website speed/load time

Structure of website


Redirect pages 301,302 (landing page)

Mobile friendly

Google Algorithms:

Panda 2011- Duplicate content eliminate, eliminate keyword stuffing

website could be Downrank if any violation found

Penguin 2012- People create too many backlinks, adopt backlinks spamming, google can downrank those websites which creates unnatural backlinks

Always use quality backlinks, try to create higher domain authority backlinks

Humming Bird 2013- over keywords usage, don’t focus on high density keywords

Rankbrain 2015- always provide right information about your content to google

Google promote relevant searches

Page Experience Update 2021- Google always rank a website which have good user experience

Page Rank Algorithm 1998- some experts say its applicable, while some deny

Page Rank Score. More links=High rankings

But most of the people created links through link spamming

Dwell Time:

Google and Bing focus on dwell time

When you search your keyword, open first link and return back after spending 5 secs. So, the dwell time is 5 sec. Now you go to the second link and stay there for 15 seconds. Dwell time is 15 sec.

Bounce Rate:

When user spend some time on website any doesn’t perform any task and return back to SERP, we can’t get any information about user satisfaction

SEO project Strategy:

Understand the nature of business (niche)

Website performance analysis

Keyword research

Competitor website analysis

On-page optimization, technical SEO, and off page analysis

Maintain the position by data analysis because SEO is continuous process

Keyword Research:

one word or more

moderate and naturally keyword planning

Short Tail and Long Tail keyword:

Short tail can be Less than 3 words, long tail is more than 3 words

Short tails for general query, long tail for more specific query

Shoes (not specific) we don’t find searchers purpose about what he wants to search

Best running shoes for men (specific)

Navigational Keyword:

Search about Specific brand or website

Shoes for men on Amazon

But we can also use white hat SEO techniques using Keywords, in this way our link can also be showed in Search result in below

Transactional and Commercial Keyword:

Intent based keywords

Commercial: online purchase product, shoes for men, we can’t know about user intention, they search about commercial link either they are interested to buy or not

Transactional: we know about user intention they are trying to buy something For Example Buy Nike shoes or order Biryani from nearby me

Informational Keywords:

What is the Height of K2

How to cook Biryani

These type of searches is useful for blog websites

What is the price of Ferrari (can be informational, commercial or transactional)

Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI Keywords):




For Example: Apple might be a fruit or iPhone

Digital Marketing Course (main keyword)

Digital marketing training (LSI)

Internet marketing (LSI)


SMO (social media marketing) LSI

You can see LSI keyword below in SERP which is recommended by Google

You can find LSI keywords through paid or free tools

LSI graph

Singular/Plural Keywords:

School or Schools

Search results can be changed using s or es

Brain Storming for Keywords:

Its not necessary that every user use technical keyword. They can search non-technical words because some users are illiterate or they may be a child.

You can use google recommended keyword while typing on search bar

Use underscore between two keywords (use space between underscore)

Sometimes user use keyword and the main keyword doesn’t exist in content because of LSI keywords (synonyms)

Fashion culture>Designer>Boutique>style (keyword analysis) (questions query) (keyword density)

SEMRUSH keyword Tool:

First sign up for free trial (limited access)

Only 10 search result in free version

Search result quality

Searches volume (how many times user search it)

Keyword difficulty

SERP analysis

Full access=$100/month

Also use Tools> and MOZ extension

Google ads Keyword planner:

Go to Settings>planning

Discover new keywords

Select all locations

Download file in excel

You have keywords, average monthly searches and competition

Remove duplicate keywords

(Conditional formatting>highlight>cells rules>duplicate values

Filter keywords


SEO difficulty-competition

69 competitors-average

Download file for analysis

Keywords Trend:

Either keyword useful or out of fashion

Google Trends tool:

use Fresh keywords>current/popular on that time

discover evergreen keywords

Important factors for SEO

Title tag
H1 tag
Anchor text (ahref)
Meta description

Meta keywords

maintain keyword density (if thousand words content contains 500 keywords its consider spam technique)
URL optimization
Image optimization

URL optimization

avoid plagiarism (duplicate content)

Heading tags

Primary and secondary keywords
Check keyword density
Backlinks (internal and External)
Do follow/ no follow backlinks

good content Grammar
Domain authority
(Moz extension)
Spam score
Dont copy content
Sitemap xml,html
Schema data
404 error
301/302 redirection
Alt text (for images)
Bounce rate

Connect you website with

Google search console
Google analytics
Google tag manager

Increase page load time through minify

Canonical tags: more than one URL for single page

avoid Keyword cannibalizations : more than one page try to rank for one keyword (only one page should be rank at a time)

Website should be mobile friendly

SSL certificate

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