How to Calculate Adsense Earning

How to calculate Adsense earning? That’s the question mostly new Adsense holders are searching in search engines. If you are also new to Adsense and want to know about it, don’t worry I will show you almost all fields of Adsense in this post, let’s start.

Calculate Adsense Earning:

Home Page:

In this page you will can see estimated earnings such as today so far, yesterday, last 7 days, this month and balance. In yesterday field you can see “vs same day last week” small writing, and last 7 days fields another small field let’s you know about the “vs previous 7 days” and also “vs same period last year” is visible at the bottom of this month field.

Calculate Adsense Earning
Adsense Earning

If you scroll down in home page you may see a view more button, just click it to explore more stats. Now you can see classification of different sections like performance, Ad units, sites, countries, bid types platforms and much more. I will explore one by one for your better understanding.


In this section you can see date, page views, impressions, clicks, page rpm, impression rpm, active view view-able, estimated earnings. Date page views and clicks are easy to understand, no rocket science is required.


Mostly this field is used to calculate different values.

Page RPM:

This field has a specific meaning, mean “page revenue per thousand impressions”. You can calculate this field as follows.

Calculate Adsense Earning
Page RPM

In above image just look at 28th March’s stats, page views are 55, impressions 101, clicks 0, page rpm $0.16, impression rpm $0.09 and estimated earnings is $0.01.

How only 1 cent is estimated earning, the formula is very simple just multiply value of page views with page rpm and divide the answer with 1000.

Result = (page views x page rpm) / 1000
Result = (55 x 0.16) / 1000
Result = 0.0088

The result will be $0.0088 now according to the rule of rounding of data it will be count as $0.01.

Impression RPM:

You can calculate impression RPM same way as page RPM, with miner difference. Formula is bellow.

Result = (Impressions x impression RPM) / 1000
Result = (100 x 0.09) / 1000
Result = 0.00909

According to rounding of data the result will be 0.01

Bid Types:

The bid type is the way that advertisers bid in the auction for your ad space:


Now if you click on bid types from home screen of Adsense, you will see the following table.

Bid Types

As Google said bid type is a system which is all about your ad space. As more people come to your website as more your ad space will be valuable.

CPC Bids:

Cost Per Click (CPC), as it’s obviously clear from title, it’s cost of a single click on your website. i.e. when a visitor come to your site and it will visit some pages and during visit your website if he or she like any ad shown on your site and if thy click any of ad Adsense will calculate it as 1 click. Google has given the right of determining the rate of CPC to the advertiser. In other words advertisers can decide how much they want to pay for a single click.

In this post I am sharing with you high paying CPC keywords, if you write blogs, posts or articles on these keywords, chances of earning more will be opened for you. These CPC rates are taken by Keywords Every Where Tool.

Keywords With 40 to 220 Dollars:

  • Automobile Accident Attorney $208
  • Auto Accident Attorney $217
  • Car Accident Lawyers $200
  • Dallas Mesothelioma Attorneys $117
  • Asbestos Lawyer $90.56
  • Business Voip Solutions $89.27
  • Personal Injury Law Firm $84.78
  • Online Criminal Justice Degree $84.80
  • Car Insurance Quotes Colorado $80.53
  • Online Colleges $79.43
  • Car Insurance Quotes Utah $77.92
  • Car Insurance Quotes Pa $74.45
  • Php Programmers For Hire $71.41
  • Hire Php Programmer $71.41
  • Car Insurance Quotes Mn $69.27
  • Automobile Insurance Quote $69.88
  • Mesothelioma Law Firm $66.08
  • Donate A Car In Maryland $64.09
  • Donating A Car In Maryland $64.09
  • Virtual Data Rooms $59.44
  • Car Donate $57.75
  • Structured Annuity Settlement $53.90
  • Live Casino $50.32
  • Cheap Auto Insurance In Va $49.82
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer $47.69
  • Donate Old Cars To Charity $44.31
  • Online Classes $40.79
  • Cheap Car Insurance In Virginia $41.51

Other Good Keywords to Earn More:

  • Mobile Casino $31.19
  • Service Business Software $22.96
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer $28.27
  • Donate Car To Charity California $33.79
  • Donate Car For Tax Credit $29.47
  • Donate Cars In Ma $34.23
  • Donate Your Car Sacramento $21.06
  • How To Donate A Car In California 39.71
  • Sell Annuity Payment $44.10
  • Donate Your Car For Kids $23.42
  • Annuity Settlement $30.91
  • Dedicated Hosting $17.76
  • Hard drive Data Recovery Services $23.66
  • Cheap Domain Registration Hosting $8.52
  • Donate Cars Illinois $27.38
  • Criminal Defense Attorneys Florida $20.06
  • Best Criminal Lawyer In Arizona $30.42
  • Life Insurance Co Lincoln $4.81
  • Holland Michigan College $3.45
  • Online Motor Insurance Quotes $14.36
  • Massage School Dallas Texas $9.16
  • Psychic For Free $4.33
  • Low Credit Line Credit Cards $15.27
  • Donate Your Car For Money $11.83
  • Met Auto $5.71
  • Forensics Online Course $8.85
  • Home Phone Internet Bundle $5.27
  • Donating Used Cars To Charity $29.45
  • Phd In Counseling Education $31.50
  • Royalty Free Images Stock $6.73
  • Car Insurance In South Dakota $27.40
  • Email Bulk Service $19.26
  • Webex Costs $13.27
  • Cheap Car Insurance For Ladies $12.88
  • Register Free Domains $6.76 
  • Casino $17.45
  • Better Conferencing Calls $23.74
  • Mortgage Advisor $14.27
  • Make Money Online Australia $4.47
  • Online Stock Trading $21.68
  • Car Insurance Companies $30.67
  • Insurance Companies $29.09
  • Forex Trading Platform $17.86
  • Automobile Shipping Quote $8.19
  • Dui Lawyer $87.27
  • Hire Php Developer $38.74
  • Hire Php Programmers $71.41
  • Dwi Lawyer $73.98
  • Criminal Lawyer $32.64
  • Computer Science Courses Online $10.49
  • Php Programmers $4.34
  • Seo Companies $19.27
  • Best Social Media Platforms For Business $6.61
  • New Social Media Platforms $4.99
  • Seo Services $10.85
  • Best Seo Company $25.06
  • Seo Company $19.27
  • WordPress Designer $10.48
  • Custom WordPress Theme Designer $7.74
  • Business Management Software $16.71
  • Best Social Media Platforms $5.59
  • WordPress Website Design $9.93


It means cost per 1000 impressions, as in CPC bids Google has given the right to the advertisers same as in CPM too. Impressions mean per view by the user on your website. It means as more users or visitors you have as much you can earn by Adsense through CPM.

CPM stands for “cost per 1000 impressions.” Advertisers running CPM ads set their desired price per 1000 ads served and pay each time their ad appears.
As a publisher, you’ll earn revenue each time a CPM ad is served to your page and viewed by a user. CPM ads compete against cost per click (CPC) ads in our ad auction, and we’ll display whichever ad is expected to earn more revenue for you.


Active View CPM:

I’t also kind of CPM mean cost per 1000 impressions, according to google.

With Active View cost-per-thousand impressions (Active View CPM) bidding, advertisers bid on 1000 viewable impressions and only pay for impressions that are measured as viewable, that is, when at least 50% of the ad is displayed on-screen for at least one second.



This is special type of ad, it depends on user’s interest, when a user enlarge ad, Adsense will pay you.

With cost-per-engagement (CPE) bidding, advertisers only pay when users actively engage with ads. For example, advertisers pay for lightbox ads (a type of expandable ad that can expand to a very large size) on a CPE basis, which means that publishers generate earnings from lightbox ads when users choose to engage with the ads, e.g., by hovering over them for two seconds to expand the ads.



If you want to see from where your users are vising your website, just click on countries section from home screen. In this section you can see all the stats about your users, from where they are coming and how much you have earned from any specific country.

Ad Units:

In this section you can see which one Ad block is more beneficial for you. And how much you are getting from any specific ad unit, in this way you can make a better plan for you.


If you have more than one website, and you have added all of your websites in Google Adsense then you can see stats of each and every website from site section on home page.

Rounding of Data:

According to the rounding of data, if value after point is grater than 5, it will be count as 1 and this 1 will be added to the previous digit. For example (0.56), in this value 6 will be count as 1. and it will be added to the previous digit mean in 5, so that it will be count as (0.6) . You can see the value after point is 5 and after 5 is 6, so that now the 6 is grater than 5, it will be count as 1 and 1 will be added to the 5.

I think I have described most of the things, if you think I should have described any other thing which I haven’t please inform me through comment section.

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