How to change WordPress 5.0 New Editor to Default Classic Editor

If you just upgraded your WordPress site on the latest WordPress 5.0 then you might be having troubles using new WordPress 5.0 editor because it is a bit hard to use. One of the biggest hurdles you will face while using it will be WordPress short keys, which were quite easy to use in WordPress default classic editor. So, if you really wish to change WordPress 5.0 new editor to classic WordPress editor, read the rest of the article and fix it yourself. Stay tuned.

Steps to change WordPress 5.0 New Editor to Default Classic Editor

Frankly speaking, I don’t like this editor. I would love to change it to WordPress default classic editor. 

#TIP: Dear WordPress community, turn back on the default classic editor which was quite easier to use. I do appreciate your efforts to make the WordPress community better day by day but this is something I would personally don’t recommend to upgrade from WordPress 4.9.8 to WordPress 5.0 version. Period.

Classic Editor for WordPress

First thing first, I love default WordPress editor because of short keys support, and you can also change WordPress 5.0 editor to classic editor using this plugin. This is an official WordPress plugin which is being handled by the WordPress team. On installing and activating this plugin, you will be able to revert the classic WordPress editor on your WordPress site/blog.

Classic editor will make it easier for you to use other plugins’ meta boxes that add their little short button in the built-in WordPress editor.

Caution: If you are Gutenberg editor user, then you should know that by default, this classic editor plugin hides all functionality available in the Gutenberg Block Editor.

Features of Classic WordPress Editor

  • Administrators can allow users to change their default editor.
  • Administrators can select the default editor for all users.
  • When allowed, the users can choose which editor to use for each post.
  • Each post opens in the last editor used regardless of who edited it last.

Download Classic editor for WordPress

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