How to Configure PHP in Windows with Xampp

How to configure PHP in Windows with Xampp? It’s the basic question for beginners of PHP. It’s not enough to install Xampp for PHP only, after installation of Xampp you need to configure PHP to run script in Windows. If you don’t configure PHP it will not work in Windows. If you want to know how to configure PHP in Windows with Xampp? Just read this post, in this post I have configured PHP in Wndows 10, because this version of Windows is the mostly used version.

Configure PHP on Windows:

Step 1:

Open up Control Panel, go to System and Security then click on System. Or open up file explorer with pressing windows key and E from keyboard at a time. Right click on your computer and click properties.

Configure PHP in Windows

Step 2:

Now click on Advanced system settings button and click on environment variables button.

Step 3:

Now click on button new from user variables for sona (sona is username in my system what ever username your windows has, it will shown here). Type keyword path in variable name text box and browse directory or folder from your computer, usually it will be c:/xampp/php or assign the location of your PHP folder to variable value text box. Then click on OK button.

Now your PHP has been configured with Windows.

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