How to Create a Website with WordPress

Create a website is very easy and simple job, you can do at your home too without getting special classes from any of the institute. Dear readers today I am going to show you how to create a website.

Name for Website:

Domain name is the name of website, just like, is my domain name. Domain names are available on internet through different websites, for example,, and so on. You can check other stores by searching “buy domain name” into

Hosting for website:

Web Hosting is a service which could connects your website to the internet. Web hosting is also available on internet by different web hosting service providers. You can choose  as,,, and so on. You can locate more web hosting stores through “how to buy web hosting” in


When you’ve purchased domain name and web hosting, web hosting provider issue you username and password for cpanel. Just like this:

how to create a website

Selection of Content Management System:

There are thousands of website building platforms and builders around the market. Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and so on. According to BuiltWith WordPress is the most favorite Content Management System to create a website in 2018. Following chart is indicating the share of WordPress in content management systems is about fifty three percent, while Drupal has only 5 percent of share and Joomla has just 4 percent.

Comparing WordPress with others, the results are obvious, because WordPress is totally free while website builders are not free. WordPress is not only easy platform, but it’s fulfilling each and every one’s needs. Such as if you wanna create a small business website, you wanna start an online shop or you wanna create a website for reputed organization.

Compare WordPress website with self coded website:

HTML is the basic language to create a website and if you want to learn html, I think you must take 3 to 6 months. HTML is the basic language, if you want to create a website, it doesn’t necessary that you will need only HTML. I think you will need to learn HTML, PHP, MySqli or Oracle, JavaScript, CSS too. Now you can calculate yourself that how much time you will take to learn all of these languages. While if you are choosing WordPress to create a website, I think you can create a website within a day.

Comparison of WordPress with Joomla and Drupal:

Content management systems, i. e. CMS are helping people to create websites without being a developer. Countless new businesses just like careers, information outlets and projects are being started with the help of CMS. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are CMS, they enable you to build websites. These platforms are open source and that’s why they are free to use but I suggest you to use WordPress because it’s more user friendly than Drupal and Joomla. Not only I am suggesting you to get started with WordPress my website is also created in WordPress.

Business Point to create a website:

Suppose you have created your website now it’s time to rank your website in google. If you website is not ranked in google I think you will not be able to get more benefit from your website as you want. How to get first page ranking in google? This is the question, each and every one wanna get answer, but I will show you how to get first page ranking in google. Through clicking this link you will be redirected to the guide, which will  help you to get first page ranking in google. Now if you have decided to create a website with WordPress, let’s start.

How to Create a Website with WordPress:

Just logged in to your web hosting account through cpanel, and scroll down till to find WordPress software as shown here.

How to Create a Website with WordPress

Now click on WordPress software and follow the steps. After installing WordPress you need to logged in to WordPress. You can logged in to your WordPress by visiting the following link.

Now you have setup WordPress for you, just go to post section and add new post to start your website.

If you don’t know how to promote your website, don’t worry about it, I have already written a post for you, just read this post how to install best WordPress SEO plugin Yoast

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