How to get First Page Ranking in Google Search Engine Results

First page ranking in Google is not as easy as being considered, blogging is rapidly growing around the globe, each and every blogger wanna get first page ranking in Google, but it’s not easy task. As well as bloggers are being increased competition is also growing in writers around the world. I think just before two decades from today writing articles was not a famous job, but today lot of people wanna be blogger, because blogging is being considered easy source of income, but it’s not as easy as being considered. Because only writing articles is not enough to earn lot of dollars but after writing articles or blogs these is a new challenge in front of each and every blogger, which is how to get first page ranking in google search engine or any other search engine. i e. if you are not able to get first page ranking in google search engine or another search engine like Bing, Yahoo and other, your precious content will not be as beneficial for you as you think. Let’s come, now I will show you step by step how to get first page ranking in google.

I am to be honest with you that, before starting to write any article or post, we must consider what does people want and how they are searching keywords to solve their problems. 

Steps to do to get First Page Ranking in Google Search Engine Results

Focus Keyword:

First write a blog for about one thousand words and set a keyword for your blog, suppose you are writing a blog about how to install WordPress, you must choose your keyword as “install WordPress”. This keyword would be focus keyword for your article. Now you have a focus keyword for your blog. 

How to choose best keyword for post:

There are too many types of keywords could be, but you have to decide which type of keyword you want to have for your blog or post. some of the types of keywords are as below:

  • Single word keyword.
  • Two word phrasal keyword.
  • Long tail keywords.

Single word keyword:

Single word keyword as it’s clear by it’s name, these type of keywords having only one word such as Apple,, iPhone, Moto, Motorola, Singer, Watch, Rado and so on. 

Two word phrasal keyword:

Two word phrasal keywords should have consists on two words just like Apple phones, Moto mobiles, Sony accessories, touch cover, Pink Penther and so on.

Long tail keywords

Long tail keywords have more than two keywords just like first page ranking in Google, how to learn php, how to install wordpress, best WP themes and others. These types of keywords having low search volume, but should not consider this point, because your intention is not a high volume,  you just need focused intention.

Now you have thorough understanding about types of keywords, I suggest you to have long tail keywords, these keywords are more powerful than other two types of keywords and google also prefer these types of keywords. (source)

How to use focus keyword:

As you know you have focus keyword, now the second thing is to do, is using focus keyword like “install wordpress” in your blog title, first paragraph of your post, main headline, sub-headlines and four to five times in rest of the blog into different paragraphs. You must use focus into keyword in meta title, meta description too.

User Intent:

No doubt keywords are most important factor, but you can’t ignore user intent, user intent mean intention of the user for searching specific keyword or keywords. Before writing any kind of post or article first you need to consider user intention, what does user want, i. e. what’s the need of user. 

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