How to install best WordPress SEO Plugin Yoast

How to install best WordPress seo plugin? whenever you will ask this simple question with any WordPress blogger, exactly the answer will be Yoast. Yoast is the powerful original SEO Plugin of WordPress since 2008. It fulfills the requirement of search engine optimization. Millions of the WordPress users likes this plugin whether they have a bakery or famous organization. Millions of WordPress users are installing Yoast to boost their ranking in search engine like google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL or any other. 

Features of Best WordPress SEO Plugin Yoast:

  • The most advanced XML Sitemaps functionality.
  • Full control over site breadcrumbs.
  • Set canonical URLs to avoid duplicate content. 

Functionalities of Yoast plugin:

In free of cost plugin Yoast offers two categories Focus Keyphrase and Readability Analysis. These categories have some checks, after passing through these checks you content is purified to publish. 

Focus Keyphrase:

Page Title:

If you forget to include keyphrase in title Yoast will force you to do so. Not only this but Yoast will aslo ask you to put the Keyphrase in the beginning of the title.

SEO Title:

Yoast tells you that how many words or characters should be in SEO title and it will force you to put Keyphrase into it too. Normally SEO title should be 50 to 60 characters long. 

Meta Description Length:

Meta descriptions length should be 150 to  160 character long, you should include your Keyphrase into meta description too.

Text Length:

Yoast SEO has text length check too, it calculates the words in your post and count if they are matching with specified minimum 300 words it’s OK. Otherwise Yoast is asking you to write more content.

Focus Keyphrase
Focus Keyphrase

Previously used keyphrase:

Yoast SEO is checking in your post before publishing that did you ever use you Keyphrase before this post or not. If you didn’t use Keyphrase before any of the post, then Yoast will ask you’ve not used this keyphrase before, very good.

Keyphrase Length:

Yoast is also checking Keyphrase length too, if it’s perfect with the recommended, then it will you green signal to move forward. 

Keyphrase in Introduction:

Yoast checks if you have ever use Keyphrase in introduction of the post or not? If you have forgotten to use in introduction, it will ask you to do so. 

Outbound Links:

If you have used outbound links or external links in your post, it’s good, otherwise Yoast will ask you to add any outbound link into your post. 

Keyphrase in Title:

If you have used Keyphrase in your title it’s good, but according to Yoast it’s not enough, you should move your Keyphrase to the beginning of the title too.

Keyphrase in subheading: 

You should include Keyphrase in sub-headlines too, if you don’t include Yoast machine will check and ask you to include Keyphrase.

Image alt attributes:

You should include image alt attributes to you post too, if you forget to do so, this plugin will ask you to include. 

Keyphrase Density:

You should manage Keyphrase density in your post yourself according to standard, otherwise Yoast will make you remembered.

Internal Links:

You should any internal link into your post, i. e. you should include any of the link of your previous post into this post. Otherwise this plugin will check and intimate you to include. 

Readability Analysis:

Transition Words:

In this section it checks volume of transition words in the post, if Yoast is not satisfied with provided volume, it flag a red signal. 

Sentence Length:

You should write small sentences up to 20 words. If you sentences are bigger than 20 words this plugin will raise a red signal and intimate you to make it shorter. 

Paragraph length:

After checking sentence length it moves to paragraph length, if your paragraph consists of 300 or less it’s OK. Otherwise Yoast will order you to make it shorter. 

best wordpress seo plugin
Readability Analysis

Subheading Distribution:

This plugin is very powerful too, best WordPress seo plugin checks each and everything in your post, including distribution of subheadings too. If you didn’t distribute your post into headlines and sub-headlines, Yoast will ask you to distribute your post into headlines and sub-headlines. 

Consecutive Sentences:

This powerful tool checks variety of your consecutive sentences in the post. If these kinds of sentences are enough then good, otherwise it will intimate you to do so. 

Flesch Reading Ease:

This tool checks flesch reading ease in your copy, if your copy score is good, then it will raise green signal. Otherwise it will ask you to make it better. 

Passive Voice:

This tools checks sentences, whether they are written in active voice or passive voice. If percentage of sentences written in active voice matches with standard, then it’s good. 

I think now you have lot of understanding about Yoast SEO plugin, if you don’t know how to create a website with WordPress, don’t bother about it, I am here to assist you. Just follow the this link how to create a website with WordPress

At the end we want to say special thanks to Yoast’s team, they have created this beautiful plugin for us. Thank you so much Yoast Team. 

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