How to Install Urdu in Windows

How to Install Urdu in Windows? today lot of people want to know the answer of this question, specially in south Asia. As you know mostly people in south Asia are urdu speaking. They read urdu, write urdu, listen urdu and talk urdu. So that urdu is basic language for them, that’s why they want to write urdu in Windows too. mostly people use different versions of Windows such as Windows, 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows XP and Windows Server etc. Today I am going to show you how to install urdu in Windows 10, because this version of Windows is rapidly becoming the operating system of PCs. Let’s start the guide:

How to Install Urdu in Windows:

Find Keywords in Google:

Search keywords in click the link or copy this link and paste it in new tab of internet browser like Chrome or Firefox and press enter.

Install Urdu in Windows
how to install Urdu in Windows 10

After clicking the link a new page will open with brief description and instructions. The website is claiming to release Phonetic keyboard layout version 1.0 in April 2004, after users feed back the website release a reviews version of Phonetic keyboard layout 1.1 for Unicode character set 5.1 compatible. This website is providing download link of Phonetic keyboard free of cost, download the file of Phonetic keyboard.

Install Urdu in Windows
Phonetic keyboard layout

Unzip Phonetic Keyboard File:

After downloading the file the next step is to unzip the downloaded file. When you download the file Phonetic Keyboard, you can see the file is in Winzip format by default. First you need to unzip the file Phonetic Keyboard, for this purpose you need install Winzip software. Because without installing Winzip software, you will not be able to unzip Phonetic Keyboard zipped file.

In this tutorial how to install Winzip software in windows is beyond the topic, so that I am not going to details that how to install Winzip software. I hope you have already installed this software. Because it’s basic needed software.

Install Phonetic Keyboard File:

After unzipping the Phonetic Keyboard file you will have folders and four files. Now run the setup file by double clicking on it.

Setting up Phonetic Keyboard:

After installing Phonetic Keyboard layout in Windows 10, it’s time to setting up Urdu language in your windows 10. Go to control panel section and open up change date, time and number formats from clock and region section, as shown in figure.

Install Urdu in Windows
Clock and Region of Control Panel

After opening up change date, time or number formats a new popup window will open with three tabs like Formats, Location and Administrative. From Formats tab select Urdu Pakistan from format section, as shown in this image:

Install Urdu in Windows
Select Urdu Pakistan

As you can see Urdu Pakistan is selected in this window, after selecting this click on OK button of the window.

After completing this entire process, now urdu is ready to run on your windows operating system.

Change Language from English to Urdu:

After installing Phonetic Keyboard Layout and setting up Urdu in windows. It’s time to change language in windows. How to do this? Don’t worry about anything, just click on the ENG near time and date in task bar as shown in figure:

Install Urdu in Windows
Change Language from English to Urdu

Now each and every thing is done, it means now you are able to write in Wordpad, Notepad and even Chrome too. You can check it.

If you feel any issue or confusion just write a comment ask anything you want. I am here to assist you. If you want to earn money on internet and you don’t know how to earn? don’t be confuse, just read my post How to Make Money Online with Internet and enjoy your life.
Thank you so much for reading this post.

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