How to Learn PHP Online with Self Study

Learn PHP online is not only easy but time saving too, as someone said time is money. I think he or she was not wrong, today importance of time is more important than other lot of things. If someone want to join center to learn php, he must go to center and comeback to home. Suppose someone is investing one hour to go to center and one hour for comeback and two hours for class. It means he is investing at least five hours a day for learning PHP. I think if you invest five hours at home to learn PHP online, you will learn more things, but how? Today I am going to tell you, how you could learn PHP online. Now let’s begin. 

Learn PHP Online:

Google is the best tools to learn php online. Find out the key words like “learn php online”, “how to learn php online”, “how to learn php from scratch”, “how to learn php from beginning”. You will find lot of results like this:

how to learn php online
how to learn php online

As you can see is the first result, no doubt it’s the best website to teach different courses online. To be honest I myself have learnt lot of things from this site, and I recommend newbies to go this site first. 

how to learn php online
how to learn php online

Basic Code of PHP:

Lot of computer languages have basic tags for coding, just like HTML have basic opening and closing tags as below:

<html></html>, <body></body>, <h1></h1> and so on, same as PHP also have basic codes too. 

<?php ?> each and every php script will be placed into <?php ?> tags. if you don’t have PHP script inside the opening <?php and closing ?> PHP tags it will not work. 

how to learn php online


The basic difference between HTML and PHP is as HTML is markup language while PHP is scripting languge. HTML could create static websites only while PHP is able to create dynamic websites. Static websites mean these types of websites will not be functional they will be designed only for display purpose. These types of websites can not perform any kind of task. At the other hand PHP websites are dynamic, they could perform any kind of task, like calculation, transactions, trading, banking, accounting and much more. Live examples of PHP are WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and lot of other websites. 

Work with PHP:

As I told you in previous paragraph that PHP is scripting language. so that it will not work with your normal windows. You must install PHP interpreter or PHP scripting engine to work with your local computer. I suggest you just purchase any cheap hosting plan and start your practice in this account online. If you feel any kind of problem, you may contact with me through comment section, I will be available for you at any time. 

If you want to learn how to create a website with WordPress. I have already written a tutorial for you. You can find this tutorial in wordpress category of my website. If you feel any problem to find this tutorial just click this link How to Create a Website with WordPress

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