How to make a Cooking Recipe site with WordPress

If you have been cooking at home or at any restaurant and you really like what you do then you might wanna turn your passion into business. Because that’s where you can be enjoying what you love and make money out of it easily. We all know once, we love what we do it becomes like a game which you don’t wanna lose because your life stands upon it. I know many girls who like cooking but don’t know how to get started sharing their cooking experience online with people around the world. I advice people to make free blogs online using free blogging platforms (i.e., Blogger,, Tumblr, etc) but if you already know about self hosted WordPress site interface then you should read the rest of the article. I will show you step by step to make a cooking recipe site with WordPress in this guide.

WP Recipe Maker

Yes, you heard it. WP Recipe Maker is one of the best plugins you will need to start up a cooking recipe WordPress site today. If you have a WordPress blog, then just go ahead and install WP Recipe Maker and activate this plugin to start your own personal cooking recipe blog. You don’t need any extra coding skills to make your site appear better in Google search engine results because this plugin is SEO optimized and shows your cooking recipes in proper metadata. This metadata will improve your SEO and get you more visitors.


For example, see the screenshot below to have an idea about how your cooking recipes will look like if you use WP Recipe Maker plugin to post your daily cooking recipes.

WP Recipe Maker plugin features

On installing WP recipe maker, you will be able to get the following benefits right in your WordPress cooking site, without having to work on web languages like HTML, PHP, CSS:

  • Compatible: Classic Editor & Gutenberg editor
  • Easy to add recipes: post or page (both built-in custom post types supported)
  • Uses JSON-LD metadata optimised for Google Recipe search

Hint: Check Google Rich Snippets data for your posted recipe here.

  • You can disable metadata per recipe if you wish to publish non-food or DIY recipes
  • Recipe ratings in the user comments
  • Add photos to any step of the recipe
  • Compatible with Pinterest Rich Pins (setting available)
  • Clean print recipe version for your visitors with optional credit to your website (Include a recipe video in the template and metadata)
  • Fall back recipe shows up when the plugin is disabled
  • This plugin is fully responsive (Mobile friendly, will look beautiful in any mobile device or tablet)
  • Built-in SEO check for your recipe metadata
  • Easily change the look and feel to fit your website in the Template Editor
  • Structure your ingredients and instructions in groups (e.g. icing and cake batter)
  • Print recipe and jump to recipe shortcodes (Just like Table of contents section in WikiPedia)
  • Access your recipes through the WordPress REST API
  • Full-text search for your recipes
  • Compatible with RTL languages
  • The best part of using this plugin is, you can import your recipes from other recipe plugins

Comment below, if you have any problems while adding your cooking recipes with WP Recipe Maker plugin.

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