how to Make a Youtube Video For Begginers

how to Make a Youtube Video? That’s the question mostly youtubers are searching on search engines. The question behind that why they are searching it. The answer is obviously simple everyone want popularity, want to be recognize and money. Friends as you know YouTube has changed lives of millions of people around the world. Lot of people from them are for which YouTube is playing a role for survival.

Dear friends if you are thinking to start a YouTube channel or if you have started your channel but don’t have idea to step up. I suggest you don’t be shy and confused, because no one is born perfect. In this post I am going to show you some YouTubers with their latest videos. You can see what are thy doing, how they are creating videos for their channels. I think everyone can do these kind of things even you too.

If you don’t have idea to make a Youtube video, just read this post and watch these videos. I assure you after reading this post and watching these videos you must have more than ten unique ideas to make a YouTube video for you channel too. So don’t waste time let’s start.

Some of YouTubers I know:


I think he is the no.1 YouTuber on this planet. His location is United States of America. He joined YouTube on Apr 29, 2010 and now has 20,456,088,412 views with 85,895,950 subscribers. In latest video he tried to make people laugh with some funny clips.

The Atwoods:

Atwoods joined YouTube on August 12, 2013, at least five years back and now you can see the channel has
4,972,035,251 views with 15,204,912 subscribers. In latest video you can see a child and a man are playing at home, then a man and a woman are at a place like hall or mall. After sometime they are in car with an old lady then at home and providing information about an animal.

Brave Wilderness:

He is another YouTuber, joined YouTube on
Sep 8, 2014 and now has 2,539,661,214 views with 14,002,088 subscribers. He is making videos about natural environment. You may also create videos about natural environment. You may watch about his new video.

BB KI Vines:

If you know about BB Ki Vines, you must know that, in the team of BB KI Vines there is only one character,
Bhuvan Bam, he is playing different roles. Whatever Bhuvan Bam has idea in his mind he starts the process to convert it into video. At the time of writing this post BB KI Vines has more than 1.5 billion views (1,555,559,001) with 12 million plus (12,443,096) subscribers. In latest video Bhuvan Bam is playing role of Mother, Father and Son go guide young generation how to use money.

Reaction Time:

The owner of this channel is trying to make people laugh. He joined YouTube on Apr 25, 2015 and now has 3,495,630,875 views with 11,951,106 subscribers. You may see in latest video, he presented some funny clips to make people laugh. If you would like to watch his full video just click on play button to run.

Mo Vlogs:

Mohammad lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, he is vloger, sometimes make funny videos and sometimes capture a trip. He joined YouTube on Sep 22, 2013 and now has 1,824,331,202 views with 7,113,928 subscribers.

P 4 Pakao:

Nadir Ali is from Karachi, he manages P 4 Pakao channel in YouTube. he joined YouTube on May 3, 2016, at the writing of this post P 4 Pakao has 511,452,782 views with 2,255,476 subscribers. In latest video Nadir Ali is selling pet food and making fun with customers.


This channel is created from United States to present mischief of children. It was created in YouTube on Dec 12, 2014 and now has 773,458,501 views with 1,985,958 subscribers. In this channel you can see funny activities of little children. Let’s watch.

Rahim Pardesi:

The location of channel is United Kingdom, Rahim joined YouTube on Mar 11, 2016 and now has 601,622,428 views with 1,768,885 subscribers. He make short funny videos with different characters as Bhuvan Bam does. His famous character is Nasreen and he also known by this name in social media.

Sai Recordds Bhojpuri:

The team of Sai Recordds – Bhojpuri Joined YouTube on Mar 28, 2013 and at the writing of this post number of views is 184,750,571 with 687,406 subscribers. In the latest video they shared an historical song.

Karachi Vynz Official:

Team of Karachi Vynz includes Mansoor Qureshi(Co-founder), Asim Nazeer, Daniyal Sheikh(Co-founder), Salman, M.Shahbaz, Hamza. They joined YouTube on Aug 26, 2014 and now has 122,818,813 views with 633,390 subscribers. They are trying to make people laugh with different angles, different ideas. In latest video they are about assumption, as we make assumptions in our daily life.

Irfan Junejo:

He is also a Pakistani Youtuber, sometimes vloger and sometimes just create videos to forward a public message. He joined Youtube on Nov 12, 2010 and now has 46,038,663 views with 592,616 subscribers. In his latest video he is distributing a message about saving with promotion of financial organization.

Amaira Shahnawaz:

Amaira’s talking way is very cute, specially in a video she is asking someone not to say “I love you.” I like this video too. Amaira is from India, joined YouTube on Dec 6, 2013 and now has 45,257,045 views with 411,881 subscribers. Let’s watch her video “Not to say I love you”.

Asghar Khoso:

He is a comedian from Karachi, usually he speaks Sindhi and Urdu language as mixture in his videos to make them funny. Asghar Khoso Joined YouTube on Jul 8, 2015 now he has 79,884,590 views with 379,904 subscribers. In latest video what does he doing, he just talking on phone with friend.

RJ Abhinav:

It’s an Indian channel, RJ Abhinav is an comedian in India, he got popularity from Radio Mirchi FM. Abhinav joined YouTube on Oct 25, 2008 and now has 15,423,802 views with 373,180 subscribers.
You can see in his YouTube channel he is making foolish, first he is asking about magic then he cheats in different ways to make people laugh.

Jannat Zubair:

She is an Indian model and actress, I think every one knows her, because she is also famous in Tik Tok too. I don’t know her official YouTube channel, but I saw a channel in YouTube with videos like Complete Styling with Jannat Zubair. I don’t know it is her official channel or not. If anyone could help me, I would be thankful for this act of kindness. Complete Styling with Jannat Zubair was created in YouTube on Apr 24, 2016 and today it has 32,107,806 views with 309,956 subscribers.

Jannat Zubair Rahmani
Jannat Zubair Rahmani with Ayan Zubair

In latest videos she presented some activities of her, as walking, shooting and enjoying with younger brother Ayan Zubair Rahmani.

Eva Zu Beck:

She is vloger, she visits different places and create a vlog. She joined YouTube on Feb 24, 2013 and now she has 5,137,550 views with 175,942 subscribers. First she visited Head Quarter of India, New Delhi and then Pakistan. She almost visit all over Pakistan i.e. Karachi, Baluchistan, Hyderabad, tribal areas, Gwadar and many more. In her famous video she presented overview of Pakistan. What is Pakistan, How people live in Pakistan, How Pakistani peoples are. How she looks Pakistan, you can see each and everything in Pakistan according to Eva Zu Beck’s point of view.

Faisal Javed TV:

I think this guy loves to birds and animals, he creates vlogs about birds and animals. He joined YouTube on Sep 18, 2006 and now has 19,469,240 views and 175,232 subscribers. In his latest video he is in Lalukhet, Karachi, Pakistan Bird Market.

Muhammad Ahmed Afridi:

He is also youtuber from Hyderabad Sindh, joined YouTube on Aug 2, 2016 and now has 21,523,192 views with 95,782 subscribers. Key role of this youtuber is Anaya a cute, funny, intelligent and legend child. I think she is not a child but she is real super star. I like her videos too, in latest video she is pretending that she is coming from Dubai. Let’s watch.

Serious Funny Tz:

The team of these guys from Tanzania has mission to make people laugh. They are tring again and again efforts in their new videos to achieve thier mission. They joined YouTube on Aug 7, 2016 and now has 6,026,112 views with 34,139 subscribers.

funny videos channel:

The team of this channel created it on Oct 19, 2016 and now has 18,652,164 views with 26,038 subscribers. They are tring to create funny videos.

Funny MMA:

The location of this channel is Canada, created on Jul 18, 2017 and now has 10,202,863 views with 21,395 subscribers. The team of Funny MMA is trying to make people laugh.

Irfan Sheikh Films:

He is also Pakistani youtuber vlogger belongs to Karachi, these days he is in Turkey. He joined YouTube on Dec 9, 2017 and now has 427,624 views with 15,328 subscribers. In his latest video he presented a trip of Flying Car of Turkey.

Happy Funny Pets:

The location of Happy Funny Pets is not available, it was created in YouTube on Sep 16, 2016 and now has 7,009,767 views with 13,242 subscribers. you can this is pet specific channel, you can do this too, it’s easy, let’s watch latest video.

Abdallah Vloger:

He is an Arabic vloger, joined YouTube on Jul 1, 2016 and now has 626,283 views with 7,114 subscribers. He visit different places and share information about them. If Abdullah is listening me, please share your location.

Sialkot Vines:

The team of Sialkot Vines at initial stage creating videos for tutorial to make people understand how technologies work. After sometime they decided to make people happy and moved to funny videos. They joined YouTube on Jul 18, 2018 and now has 291,337 views with 5,949 subscribers. In latest video they are talking about Valentine’s day should it be celebrated or not?

vloger prashanth:

As it’s clear from name he is vloger from India, joined YouTube on Jan 12, 2013 and now has 9,006 views with 5,887 subscribers. He is sharing knowledge according to his point of view.

Malik Qasim Dreamer:

Qasir is also a youtuber, I think he is also Pakistani but these days he is in Saudi Arabia. He visit different places and capture specific point of view according to his view and present to the public as vlog. He joined YouTube Dec 4, 2018 and now has 1,357 views with 143 subscribers. In latest video he visits King Abdul Aziz Center for World Culture (Ithra) Dhahran Saudi Arabia.

M I J Vlogs:

Muhammad Imran is also a vlogger as others, in the latest video he shared a trip given by his friend Muhammad Haroon. They when a mall, bought somethings, he presented their shopping to us and then back to home. He joined YouTube on 18th of August, 2018 and the writing of this of this post number of views is 3,949.

Secret Star:

Muskan Khan is a rising star from Karachi, she is trying to make funny videos to make people laugh. When ever she has no idea to create a video she is standing up with camel besides a road. She joined YouTube on Sep 25, 2018, while now she has 686 views with 40 subscribers.

Tayyab Hussain:

He is also an Pakistani Youtuber, but these days he is in Turkey. He Joined YouTube on Dec 18, 2018 and now has 1,646 views. He is also Vloger, usually he goes to different places and present his own point of view about those. In his latest video he presented a meeting with Pakistani youtuber Irfan Shaikh.

Lively Iqra:

Iqra blongs to Pakistan, she is youtuber not only vloger, sometimes she create vlogs and sometime funny videos. In her latest video she is cooking pop corns in exciting mood. She tried to make video full of fun.

Mav vlogs:

She created YouTube channel as location of United Arab Emirates, while I think she blongs to Pakistan. She Joined YouTube on Jun 24, 2018 and now has 19,919 views. In her latest video she is presenting how to organize bad room.


At the end I want to suggest you, that don’t don’t think too much about your video, just start to create it and upload. Serious viewers will guide you for next video and after sometime a day will come when you will be known as Bhuvan Bam, Pewdiepie, Irfan Jonejo, Jannat Zubair or an other.

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