How to Reduce Image File Size Online

How to reduce image file size online? This is the most important question for every one. Today as you know that each and every social media website requires profile picture or display picture. Not only this but you need profile picture or display picture for you personal use too such as for curriculum vitae for passport and any other use. Purchasing Photoshop and then installing it is a lengthy process, mostly people can’t do that. That’s why I am here for you to solve your problem. Let’s move to do that.

How to Reduce Image File Size Online:

It’s very easy you can do that too, lot of online photo editors are available today. Just you can search keywords in Google like online photo editor or how to reduce image file size online? It will make avail a list of online photo editors for you, now you can choose an online photo editor for you. If you think It’s time consuming. Don’t worry, just read this post to the end, I hope you will learn how to reduce image file size online?

I think developers of the Pixlr had tried to provide almost complete Photoshop online. If you use it one time, I hope you don’t use Photoshop for little jobs, like reduce image file size. It assure you, it will fulfills all of your photo editing needs.

It’s free online photo editor, friends it’s totally free, you don’t need even login too. You just write address in your browser like chrome or Firefox and start working. Mostly I myself use this service to edit my photos too. I recommend you to use this service.

How to Reduce Image File Size in Pixlr:

Step 1:

Reducing file size in Pixlr is very easy, just type in any internet browser, like Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera and click on open Pixlr editor button.

Step 2:

Click on open image from computer and select image you want to resize from your folder.

Reduce Image File Size in Pixlr
Open image from computer in Pixlr
Step 3:

Now click on menu image and then click on image size button, it will open a new window, which will ask for image size. You can see size of image is 726 pixels width and 375 pixels height. I have changed it to 426 pixels width, you can see height of image will change automatically. You don’t need to change height of your image, Pixlr will adjust height of your image automatically according to the width of image. And then click on OK button.

Reduce Image File Size in Pixlr
Change image size in Pixlr
Step 4:

Now go to file menu and click on save button or press buttons Ctrl with s at a time it will open same window to save image. In this window you can change name of your file or you can have same name as you want. Now you image size is reduced up to at least 40 percent.


In step 3, you can see a check box with name constrain proportions is checked, If you don’t click on constrain proportions height will be changed automatically with width size. You can set it manually too.

Brief Info About Pixlr:

Pixlr is providing variety of tools like Photoshop CS or any other photo editor software provides. It includes cropping, moving selection, wand tool, brush, pencil tool, gradient tool, eraser tool, paint bucket tool, clone stamp tool. In other tools drawing, color replacing, blur tool, sharpen tool, smudge tool, sponge tool, dodge tool and much more.

Reduce Image File Size in Pixlr
Reduce image file size in Pixlr

Layers Option in Pixlr:

Friends not only you can crop your images, but you can style and edit images too with layers. It offers layers too as Photoshop or any other software. Through layers you can easily edit your photos. The basic benefit of layer is if you don’t like made changes in your image you can delete layer and create another new to make changes again.

Menu Options in Pixlr:

Pixlr has more than ten menu options like file, edit, image, layer, adjust, filter view, language, help, font, freebies and upgrade. I hope you are familiar with most of the options, because mostly are common in any photo editing software.

I hope you understand, if you have any query or issue you can ask any question, I will assist you any time.

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