How to save Adsense Account from Penalties

How to save Google Adsense Account from Penalties? This is the question each and every Adsense user is trying to find answer. Lot of people knows how to save Adsense Account from penalties in-spite that they avoid. Sometimes they would become greedy and sometime they ignore by unknown reasons. Today I am going to show you reasons for penalties and live examples of people who have been banned. Let’s start.

Save Adsense Account from Penalties:

I believe getting Adsense account from google is not difficult as lot of people consider. But I believe that keeping continue Adsense account is more difficult than getting Adsense. account.

save adsense account
Adsense Account Banned

Because when you are trying to get Adsense account you have to just work hard. If you work hard in gradual steps on daily basis or alternative days basis or weekly basis. I can give you guarantee that a day will come, when you will be able to get approved Google’s Adsense account and your earning will be start in smooth way.

On the other hand when you have got Adsense account approved from google and you are getting dollars on daily basis. A wish is being created automatically in your heart and mind how to earn more and more today, why tomorrow. That is the point when your mind is converted from hardworking to earn with one click. And that’s turning point of your destiny.

Following your wish:

After raising this point in your mind you have started to think artificial ways to earn more and more. At this point you totally ignore policies of the Google Adsense. In the policies of Google Adsense, it mentioned each and every thing is clearly to save Adsense account from penalties but log or people don’t consider.

save adsense account
Adsense account policies

I am going to show you some of the artificial ways to earn more and more money without working hard .

Exchange clicks with facebook users:

Mostly Adsense users using this technique to earn more and more money from Adsense. In this process you just need facebook account and adding users of Adsense as friend. After that you are asking Adsense friends to give and take clicks and page-views. You are sharing the link of your own page and asking friend to give you 1 click with 20 to 30 page-views. And in response you also give some clicks and page-views to that fb friend.

Getting Clicks from PTC sites:

The second way of earning lot of money from Google Adsense is getting clicks from PTC (paid to click) sites. Mostly Adsense users apply this technique to get clicks and page-views. In this way they are just creating account in different PTC sites and investing some dollars to get clicks and page-views.

save adsense account
PTC sites

Getting Pageviews with Exchange:

Lot of Adsense users are using this technique too, they just create account in page views exchange sites too. In this way they give page-views to other Adsense users and in response they are getting page-views from others too.

How Google tracks invalid clicks:

Through IP Address:

When someone is applying for Adsense Google copy IP address of the user, after Google Adsense approved. Whenever the user clicks ads of Adsese from the same computer from where he or she had applied for adsense. Google knows the user is same and detects the IP address of the computer. Afterward Adsense account will no longer be active.

Through Using Proxy:

Lot of the proxy server’s IP’s are well known for Google, in this way when someone is clicking through proxy Google knows the IP and detects it and account is getting banned.

Through Cookies:

Google services like Webmaster Tools, Gmail, Analytics, and Gdrive and other uses cookies of the user. If someone having Adsense account and clicking himself on advertisement shown on his computer and he is clicking on it, he will be banned forever.

When Google’s machine will detects an Adsense user for invalid clicks or malicious activity, then user will get an email from google Adsense. This will not just an email I think it will be intimation letter that your account is banned or suspended, the content of the email may be look like as shown in the following image.

save adsense account
email for suspending Adsense account

At the end I suggest you please don’t be greedy, just work hard, don’t use illegal activities to get more and more clicks or page-views. I suggest you don’t use PTC sites for increasing revenue generated from Adsense and don’t use facebook to increase clicks or page-views. I you don’t understand, I can give guarantee that a day will come when you will hold you head too. But at that moment you will have no chance to get a chance to reactivate. So please avoid and be careful about it. 

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