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Squadron 42 release date? It’s a question lot of gamer are searching on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN, Yandex, Baidu and other search engines. But I think still they are not able to find the answer, that’s why I am here for you again. In this post not only I will tell you about Squadron 42 release date or Squadron 42 launch date, But I will present some history of Star Citizen game and about fund raising campaign too. If you want to know more about this world’s most expensive game, just read this post. Let’s start.

Game industry considers Star Citizen game is one of the most ever expansive game. Thousands of thousand people are investing in Star Citizen and looking forward to its future. Clive Calder is also one of them. South African billionaire Clive Calder family has invested $46 million in Star Citizen game, with this investment Keith Calder has made a deal of 10% share in the company.

“We think Chris and his team has built the transparent relationship with their players is a strong foundation for a gaming company.”

Calders said in a statement

Squadron 42 release date:

With this investment, Cloud Imperium games company is in a position to announce that Star Citizen’s single player Squadron 42 release date would be 2020. Studio behind Squadron 42 will officially released it in 2020.

Squadron 42 release date
Squadron 42

We want to finish the campaign content in 2019, first six months of next year are for polishing through alpha test of Squadron 42, After the alpha phase, Squadron 42 would enter beta prior to official release.

Roberts said In a post on Cloud Inperium’s website

Environment of Star Citizen Game:

Game play will include flight first person shooting, simulation, role playing elements like quests, exploration and player progression. In Star Citizen players can define their games for themselves.

Hangar Module released on August 29, 2013, to allow players to modify, manipulate and view ships in a real time. Arena Commander released on June 4, 2014 to allow players to play test ship combat. First person shooter element, Star Marine released on December 23, 2016. Players are hungry to gain kill count. Mostly it’s called that first person shooter mechanics are realistic.

Investment from 2011 to 2018:

Star Citizen has raised from fans over $255 million. As Cloud Imperium has raised funds from crowdfunding process. it claims that Star Citizen has more than 2,200,000 backers. The development team is excited to have new features to the game, as more funds are coming. Cloud Imperium looking forward to Squadron 42 release date.

“We look towards the release of Squadron 42, having a triple-A game that matches the biggest single-player games out there only goes so far if no one knows about it. ”

Roberts says in a statement
Squadron 42 release date
Squadron 42 Environment

History of Funds Collection:

Cloud Imperium began crowdfunding for Star Citizen in 2012. in 2012, crowdfunding surpassed over $4.2 million while in 2013, funds was over $15 million. In 2014, Guinness Word Record listed it. In 2014, fund raised over $50 million while in 2017, crowdfunding campaign surpassed $150 million. In 2018, funds was collected over $200 million. In December 2018 while it raised $46 million from private funding.

“We would have sufficient funds to complete Squadron 42. The revenue from this could in turn be used for the completion of Star Citizen.”

Chris Roberts said in 2017

For Backers:

Star Citizen’s alpha test is available for backers, they can participate in alpha version of the game. Alpha test offers a preview of full game.

Cast of Squadron 42:

  • Gary Oldman
  • Mark Hamill
  • Andy Serkis
  • Gillian Anderson.

Brief Intro of Star Citizen Game:

Star Citizen is an upcoming game for Microsoft Windows, it’s space trading, multiplayer and combat developed by Cloud Imperium Games. Cloud Imperium started to develop it in 2011. Chris Roberts, is a team leader of the Star Citizen. At initial stage, it was being launched in 2014, but for expansion in different features launch date was postponed.

Normally games are completed in three to four years but Star Citizen is under development even after seven years. Delay in launch date is spreading rumors in donors. Even Cloud Imperium has released financial data too for satisfaction of the donors but they are still not satisfied. Some of the donars are demanding for refund while new investors are also coming as Clive Calder family.

According to Cloud Imperium in 2017 company had $207 million dollar and spent $193 million dollars in different expenses and activities. According to company Cloud Imperium is now valued at 496 million dollar. It’s also known that Dan Offner and Eli Klein will work as new board members of the company.

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